PV certification

Solarif Risk Management certifies inverters and panels. The PV certification allows buyers of Solarif-certified inverters and panels to purchase the optional inherent defect coverage as an extension of Solarif’s operational all risk insurance.

Why certify your product by Solarif?

There are different reasons to have your product certified by Solarif. Below a selection of advantages is listed.

  • Only owners of Solarif-certified panels can purchase the unique inherent defect coverage, protecting the panels up to 20 years against damages due to inherent defect. Examples of inherent defect are delamination, bad soldering and short circuit in the junction box.
  • The inherent defect coverage remains in force even in case of bankruptcy of the manufacturer (insolvency cover / third party insured warranty).
  • Quality mark: certification contributes to a positive corporate image, resulting in a competitive advantage.
  • More and more customers require third party insurance of the manufacturers’ warranty. Solarifs inherent defect coverage is the solution.
  • More and more manufacturers are excluded from tenders or suppliers selection if they lack third party insurance backing up their warranties.
  • Certification helps manufacturers identifying and optimizing their processes by providing the factory management a tool to check, evaluate and manage the quality.
  • Possible problems will be detected and identified, so action can be taken to prevent errors in the future.
  • Customer satisfaction will increase due to focus on overall quality!

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How can I get a PV certification certified by Solarif?

Solarif sets requirements which the manufacturer has to meet when he wishes to become Solarif-certified. In order to be able to meet the requirements, the manufacturer has to allow Solarif to assess their production processes and financial situation. If necessary, current processes and procedures will have to be adapted. If the manufacturer meets the requirements, Solarif will place the approved panels or inverters on the list of Solarif-certified products. After certification a yearly audit takes place to verify whether the products and financial situation continue to meet the requirements.

The PV certification process consists of two components

Factory risk assessment

By performing a factory risk assessment Solarif determines whether the manufacturer is capable of producing panels or inverters complying with our standards consistently throughout the whole year. The audit also assesses whether the documentation of the management system in place meets our requirements. At the end of the assessment the manufacturer receives a summary of all findings. Any deviations identified shall be solved arguably within an agreed period of time.

Financial audit

By performing a financial audit, the financial status of the manufacturer is evaluated. An estimation has to be made concerning the chance of the factory going bankrupt.

The certification process takes about two months.