Investing in solar energy projects  

minimum risk, maximum revenue

Investing in solar energy projects can be lucrative. Solarif helps investors to identify risk. Risks will be reduced through quality inspections.

It’s all about risk management

Investing in solar energy projecten can be lucrative, provided that one understands the rules and knows what to be aware of. 

You want to be abe to determine which risks are acceptable and which are not. And also how realistic they really are. Are all the risks clearly identifiable, or could they perhaps be hidden?

Solarif helps you identifying these risks as accurately and realistically as possible. Following, risks will be reduced through quality inspections on:

  • Materials used
  • Construction work
  • The installation itself
Solar certification PV installatie zonnepanelen certificeren

Inherent defect coverage: safer and more attractive

The inherent defect coverage eliminates significant risks, which makes investing in solar energy projects considerably more attractive.

Whilst the installation itself is better protected, revenues are secured.

The Inherent defect coverage:

  • Supports the manufacturer’s warranty (panels 10 yr, inverters 7,5 yr);
  • Reimburses the consequential losses, not paid by the manufacturer;
  • Reimburses defect modules or inverters, due to inherent defects, in case of bankruptcy of the manufacturer (insolvency coverage);
  • Will not be terminated in case of bankruptcy of the manufacturer.
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All disciplines under one roof

The strength of Solarif lies in the synergetic cooperation of these three autonomous business units, each with its own disciplines. This unique combination not only increases the chances of a safe, successful PV deal, but ultimately pushed up profitability for all parties involved as a result of significant savings of time and money.

solar energy projects


Solar certification zonnepanelen certificeren PV installatie Zonnepanelen projecten

As an investor in solar energy projects you can reduce, or even eliminate your risk through clear agreements, contracts and insurances. Insurances can protect against technological, climatic, logistic, constructional, political, legal and economic risks. Each of these risks determine the attractiveness of your investment to a greater or lesser extent.


zonnepanelen certificeren PV installatie Solar certification

All in all successfully investing in solar in order to generate attractive financial returns seems rather complicated. And in some way it certainly is. Not so much because of specific technical aspects, nor explicitly due to the aforementioned risk factors, but rather because of the lack of transparency in general and with regard to quality in particular.


PV installatie zonnepanelen certificeren Solar certification matchmaker

Acting as a broker, fully specialized in solar energy projects, Solarif Matchmaker can help you, as an investor, identifying projects that fit your investment profile. Due to an efficient process, solar energy project owners and investors will only be brought into contact in case of sufficient probability of success, which will save time and money for all parties involved.

What the business units can do for you


  • operational all risk coverage
  • mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • inherent defect coverage
  • political risks
  • terrorism
  • natural disasters
  • lack of the sun
  • liability
  • construction all risk coverage
  • performance bonds
  • transport/cargo


  • mediation in the purchase and sale of PV projects 
  • arranging finance
  • arranging EPC contracts
  • acquisition of project rights 


  • Solarif list of certified panels and inverters
  • factory risk assessment
  • in-line quality inspection
  • pre-shipment inspection
  • post-shipment inspection
  • delivery inspection
  • on-site EL-inspection
  • lab testing
  • Balance of System (BOS) components quality inspection


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